IT Infrastructure Environmental Analysis & Optimization Report

We are experts in assessing and preparing you for catastrophic events.

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  • Are you concerned about the security, stability, and compliance of your IT infrastructure?
  • Does it feel like you are always waking up to unforeseen events?
  • Is your disaster recovery plan involve getting in the car and driving off?

Unprepared businesses waste time and money reacting to preventable issues, some of which can be catastrophic to a business.  We assess the IT infrastructure environment; and provide a complete analysis and optimization report.

What if are enterprise is only concerned with specific servers or NAS storage?

Great! Our survey will request data from your team for assisting with our analysis.

We would like ongoing support for specific IT infrastructure.  Can this be done?

We have no problem co-managing your IT environment with your IT team.

To adequately support the environment, we will need to analyze and get information on the following:

  1. Physical Environment.  
    a. Server
    b. NAS
    c. Switching
  2.  Local Design.
    a. Server
  3. Interface
    a. Day in the life analysis
  4. Commercial, Management, and Legal.
    We require information on policies in place that affect the environment design and support responses.


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