Managed VPN Solutions

We Configure, Deploy, Manage & Maintain Your VPN Solution. 

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     The following information is used to design multiple hardware and software based solutions:

    • A stable and redundant VPN and remote work solution is required with high uptime
    • Segmented VPN solution from third party organization.
      As this VPN solution can be placed in another network, it needs to be separated from the clients LAN as much as possible.
    • Seamless deployment for networks that have various internet service providers, routers, and switching equipment.
    • Solution meets high level of security and HIPAA compliance
    • Built in flexibility for segmenting different branches from each other, as well as to allow inter-branch communication when required.
    • A reliable, stable, and fast remote worker solution, via software VPN or VPN physical device, with the ability to limit and allow access to different parts of the network.
    • Experience both local and international needs to fast and incredibly reliable.

      Setup charged at $225hr  (1 hour setup)
      Redundant VPN Cluster $900 (One-time setup)

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