Migrate Synology PhotoStation or Moments to Photos

We migrate digitals assets.

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  • Are you concerned about your photos not being backed up?
  • Does it feel like you are Synology Photos is not setup correctly?
  • Is your disaster recovery plan involve getting in the car and driving off?

Synology users waste time and money reacting to preventable issues if the environment was set up the first time. 

Assumptions and Compatibility:

  • 5 Users or less
  • One Synology DiskStation
  • Remote Access is already working

Our budget is small.

Our discovery survey inquires about  the essentials security and backups.  Our main focus is get to your personal and communal photos setup the right way.  You can always pay more later for additional remediation.

We utilize an enterprise level Synology for storing terabytes information

See our IT Infrastructure Environmental Analysis and Optimization Report for an enterprise solution.

I just want my Synology Photos to work!

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