Ubiquity WiFi Deployment - Two Access Points

The Ubiquiti Router, Switch, AP Plus Cable Management deployment project is for organizations that lack cable management in place.  They have yet to deploy business grade network equipment for high speed wired and wireless connectivity.   We recommend Ubiquiti Unifi line of products for up to 20 users who realize Ubiquiti security isn't perfect but better it's a great entry level business grade product.   

Note:  While we don't include cable management in this product service offering, we do offer a preferred vendor that works in lockstep (for optimized results) with our network IT services if this service is still required.   All cable drop terminations are done to code by a professional.

Assumptions and Compatibility: 

·        Under 20 users.

·        Two Access Points 

·        Requires ISP for internet services & NetworkAntics recommended cable management vendor.

·        We provide “Best Effort” cable management and mounting of Access Point.  We recommend our preferred cable management vendor for cabling.


Project does not include:



- AD Integration

- VPN Setup and Configuration

- Printer or Device Setup outside of Access Point configuration

- VoIP Discovery and Deployment configurations.  

- Cable Management.  (We do plan and manage cabling company but cabling implementation services are sold separately)